Does unlimited REALLY mean unlimited?

Unlimited really means unlimited, so long as the request falls within our scope of services. Anything maintenance related (plugin updates, WP updates, firewall monitoring, malware protection, backups and restoration) really is unlimited. We will also do content updates (changing words, pictures, etc) that doesn’t involve building new sections of the site, and we will do development related tasks that we estimate at less than one hour to complete. All tasks in our unlimited scope must allow for a minimum 3 business day lead time.

How do you handle nightly backups?

Very carefully. We store backups for 10 days on a rolling basis. You can download your backups at any time, but we do keep them safe for 10 days. At any point, you can request a backup to be restored and we’ll take care of it for you.

What sort of updates do you do?

The key component to keeping a WP site safe is keeping it updated. We update WordPress at every version release, and we do a weekly check of all of your site plugins and update those as well. Not only that, but we run a set of tests to make sure that each update is successful and that your site is running as good or better than before.

Alright, so we see that there’s a limit. What about things outside the scope?

Good question. First, we’ll do everything we can to keep things in the scope. But when we can’t, we’ll provide both a time and cost estimate to complete the task. We won’t do anything until it’s approved. These tasks can range from small development items (new functionalities), to custom plugins, to full-scale redesign and rebuilds.

Who’s watching my site?

Well at the risk of sounding creepy, lots of us are. We use a combination of human monitoring (occasionally checking all the sites we care for by hand), and automated ping monitoring to alert us to downtime. Alerts are broadcasted to our entire team, so that each one can be investigated and dealt with. We also put a set of security features in place to Harden the site against harm, and we are constantly updating our methods and procedures to stay ahead of the bad guys.

What else?

We do a basic set of performance tests and speed optimizations. We run an algorithm that automatically optimizes your images on the fly, we use various kinds of minification and compression to make sure your site is always cruising along as fast as it can.